Cleats & Character Summit


Cleats and Character” it’s time to change the game.

 Sabrina Greenlee, Joseph B. Washington, Greg Hood, David Wyatt and Coach Rodney Blunt They will motivate, inspire and empower student athletes to avoid distractions and reach their full potential. This is a free event and every student athlete will have the opportunity to sign the CS2SA Drug Free Pledge.


Sports & Domestic Violence

Recruitment Preparation

Living A Drug-free Lifestyle

Careers in Sports:

Beyond The Court or Field

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I was Proud to meet Mrs. Sabrina (Deandre Hopkins mom), she really inspired me, and touched my heart. She reminded me a lot of my own Mother. 


‘What hit me the most is when DeAndre Hopkin’s Mom was speaking. What hit me was DeAndre is now playing in the NFL and he shows not sign of what happened in his childhood. Before that day I  didn’t know about anything she was speaking about. It took me by surprise because I  realized that in that moment what I  take for granted.. I  also learned that DeAndre Hopkins had something to work for. Now I  need to find something I  can work for.


We received a powerful message that changed how we look at life. We learned how we should never give up. We heard the story of DeAndre Hopkins mom who defeated all the odds that were in front of her and other speakers really made the night special. 

Jordan Ellis 

Every time I  listened to the Words of Wisdom it was definitely an eye opener and humbled me more and more each time. Nothing is given to anybody and you have to be able to work and trust god and the process and want to GRIND if you really want something in life. I loved when Mrs. Sabrina Greenlee told us how we can work out our outer muscles that people can see everyday but it is important to build your inner muscles and work with them on a daily to have good character and build your faith and love.


Besides the camp, Coach Blunt gave us the opportunity to listen to other people’s influential stories and positive speeches that really moved me and truly touched my heart. The one that stood out the most was NFL player DeAndre Hopkins’ mother, Sabrina.

She shared her daily struggles of being blind caused by a woman that threw acid on her face and being in domestic violence relationships. But that didn’t stop her from reaching and achieving her goals. Most people would have just gave up on life, but she was not one of them. She is a true epitome of what an independent, fierce, and strong black woman should be like. I also should not take having two parents in my home for granted because anything can happen.